Thursday, December 18, 2008

Muses Shoes

An online friend of mine has enlisted the help of our gals group to create wildly decorated shoes for the 2009 Mardi Gras Parade. Since this has been a week of bad weather, and 2 days that work was closed, I decided to rock and roll. I donated the surviving pair of stilettos, the ones I can put on but not walk in!
First, spray painted them purple, inside and out. And then add lots of glitter, sequins, fabric, glitz, bling, glamour. Not to mention burnt fingers from the hot glue gun, and a glitter explosion in the kitchen. I just to to add a coat of clear coat (I'll get that when the roads clear... maybe tomorrow, Saturday for sure, we've had 36" of snow in the past few days). And then I'm ship them off to Crawbaby!
Not bad for a first attempt!!
Oh no, here comes the snow plow again.... that means the fourth time I've dug out today!

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Timmy said...

My Almost Mom - Hey There! It's Tim(my). I hope this gets through. I've tried a couple time to respond back to your email, but it keeps returning it. Are you blocking me?! Couldn't be. At any rate, the shoes are fab. Do they come in a size 12?