Thursday, December 18, 2008

Muses Shoes

An online friend of mine has enlisted the help of our gals group to create wildly decorated shoes for the 2009 Mardi Gras Parade. Since this has been a week of bad weather, and 2 days that work was closed, I decided to rock and roll. I donated the surviving pair of stilettos, the ones I can put on but not walk in!
First, spray painted them purple, inside and out. And then add lots of glitter, sequins, fabric, glitz, bling, glamour. Not to mention burnt fingers from the hot glue gun, and a glitter explosion in the kitchen. I just to to add a coat of clear coat (I'll get that when the roads clear... maybe tomorrow, Saturday for sure, we've had 36" of snow in the past few days). And then I'm ship them off to Crawbaby!
Not bad for a first attempt!!
Oh no, here comes the snow plow again.... that means the fourth time I've dug out today!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween - Totally NQR (not quilt related)

Goofy Halloween Fun at the Campus Health Center The nurses: Me: I'm a Nuva Ring! Me and my adopted son Tony (he's Fast Food Fred)

Sunday, October 19, 2008


I've been ignoring this blog since summer... job changes and life just get in the way. But I did find time to make Andromeda, which is now hanging at the Coconino Center for The Arts in Flagstaff AZ.

The current show is "Night Visions III" and celebrates 50 years of Flagstaff being a dark skies community (we have several planetariums and astromony centers in the area, so street lights and other lighting is either a yellow light or an other hue that won't interfere with star gazing. This quilt had a strange start. One episode of this season's Project Runway (I am addicted to that show!) featured a challenge where the designers took photographs of New York at night and based their garments on their images. Leeann Marshall, who went on to win the season, based her design on a photo of a tree grate, which suddenly sent me into the "what if" mode. I searched the net for pix of tree grates and manhole covers. From those images, I drew the foundation pattern for the 279 individual pieces in the arch. Placed in a starry sky, its up to the viewer to decide what it really is! Could be a star ship, could be a virus, could be a manhole cover!

Hoffman Challenge 2008

Path of the Lotus
The Hoffman challenge fabric for this year was a curious print of a large peacock. and a strong Asian feel. The coordiates included a black metallic stripe and some nice blenders, but I knew that I didn't want to focus on the peacock, just not my style! I've been working on ideas for labyrinth quilts since last year's Challenge and this seems to be the next installment! Challenge quilts have to fit a certain size (width and length) but there are no restrictions on shape, so I decided to start drawing a path. It almost drew itself! The half starts are all fussy cut from the challenge fabric and a darker colorway. The corner points are foundation pieced and the lotus at the top and bottom centers are stablized, hand beaded, and sewn on as 3-D elements. I was inspired more by the colors than the print in this case. Picture courtesy of Karen Pharr, and taken at the first public showing of all of the Hoffman Challenge Quilts for this year. Mine is off traveling for a year... to places I can only dream of. And the first labyrinth should be home at the end of month!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Eleanor's Legacy

I am so very blessed to have long time friends in my life. Celebrating 50 years of friendship is so very amazing! One of those friends is Jane, with whom I shared Brownies and Girl Scouts, and grade school and high school. This winter, she asked me to make a quilt for their family compound at Big Cedar Lake WI. The home has been in the family for several generations and is a very special place for the whole clan. So off we went through the design process, fabric selection, and for me, a marathon of sewing... but I met the deadline and the quilt is now on its way to her in Milwaukee.

Based on the traditional square in a square, I did some of my usual wonkiness that created a diamond more than a square, and then by changing directions, gave the quilt some movement. Jane had chosen a delightful small scale red print as the focus, and by adding a variety of other harmonizing reds, the quilt came alive (click on image for a larger version and see all the fabrics). Machine quilted by a professional longarm quilter. It is named for the matriarch of the family, Eleanor, and for the legacy she left for her daughters and granddaughters.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

View from My Window (um... front door this AM)

Yes, its May 13. Friday the 13th came on a Tuesday this month, and it's snowing. Huh? Mother's Day has come and gone and it's snowing. Huh? These pix were taken from the front door at 615 AM. My radio comes on at 610, and I heard the local DJ's say there was a 2 hr school delay!
Yesterday I was wearing capris and sandals. Now where did I put my boots?
The deck thermometer is reading 40 degrees already, so it won't last long, thank goodness. Life in the mountains.....

Friday, January 11, 2008

Fast Friday Challenges - Kano Isa

For the past year (almost and a half), I've been involved with an online challenge group called the Fast Friday Challenge. On the last Friday of the month, we get information about the month's challenge (theme, technique, whatever the hostess decided) and have one week and a day to get a piece done and posted on a Yahoo group. We also have a blog at for public viewing. It's been a great exercise in stretching talents and imaginations!
This month, the challenge was FIRE or ICE... to interpret the emotions and sensations of those two words..... and this month's submissions were especially wonderful!
I decided to do some improv piecing and came up with Kano Isa, which is named for the Runes for Fire and Ice. The characters also mean "forward movement" and "standstill" which I find interesting! I thought of the glaciers we saw in Alaska, how the ice appears to be still but there is underlying movement, which is not always visible from the surface. I placed the fire under the ice for this quilt, knowing that sometimes we need a fire lit beneath us to create that forward movement. The layers of meaning are still being revealed.
At any rate, I'm pleased with the results and have entered the quilt in the state show for March. Fingers crossed!