Sunday, June 19, 2011

More Dyeing!

Sometimes I think I'd rather just dye fabric than use it! My dear friend, The Singing Quilter Cathy Miller (and her wonderful husband John Bunge) have been visiting for a few days between their gigs. Cathy wanted to try freeze dyeing, and no one has to ask me twice to dye fabric.
She has carefully documented our experiments on her blog (which has lots of other fun stuff, too). But here are some of my favorites!
Cerulean Blue and Moss Green. Folded in 8ths, frozen before dye was added.Fire Red and Cerulean Blue. Scrunched in bag and frozen.Fire Red and Golden Yellow. Scrunched and frozen.


Vicki W said...

That sounds like fun!

Judy said...

What a good idea! I've been dyeing with ice on top of fabric and drizzling dye over the ice. This sounds even better!