Sunday, September 16, 2007

Journal Quilt 2007

The final year of the Journal Quilt Project will premier at the Houston International Quilt Festival in late October. Our assignment was to create one piece, 17 x 22", using techniques from the compliation of the previous years work, Creative Quilting: The Journal Quilt Project, edited by Karey Patterson Bresenhan. My Entry "I Hope You Dance" is a fabric weaving with encrusted beadwork and applique. It is dedicated to the memory of Hazel Raines, who died in July after a valient struggle with cancer. I was working on the weaving during her final days and realized that she had danced into this piece.
In the Artist Statement I wrote: At her memorial service, a dear friend spoke to her love of music and dance and ended his comments with the words of a LeeAnn Womack song: "And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance, I hope you dance, I hope you dance." In that moment, I realized that my friend had danced into the quilt, and I dedicate it to her memory. The dancing figure is adapted from "Sophia," original art by Lynn Rae Lowe of Tucson AZ ( and used with the permission of the artist.

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